What is the biggest enemy of our happiness. Stop!

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What makes psychology practice, I noticed that people living with some disappointment in life:

This is not right! Wrong. Men are not therefore, work is not so country, city, children's behavior, parents, the environment – not what we wanted.

And it is not surprising that, with such a mood that a man learns by the same rules of fate, but each time they become more complex. And this is due to the fact that this man does not perceive it as a life lesson, accordingly, teaches, and becomes a victim of the "injustice" of society, the world and all those who have ever created something. Gradually such a person becomes a creature, angry and face disease mental and physical.

But, as it is impossible to live constantly in this state, man tries to find solutions. Thus, to get the psychological literature, participate in various courses and training in psychology.

And there he hears the idea that man is his own Creator of happiness and that you only need to accept life, to love yourself and learn methods by which you will be able to influence the destiny. And so, in a certain period, the victim working for self, is aware of energy and how to control reality, and to really get results. But this is only period.

Then there is a radical change: the victim becomes a Creator, a man begins to think that he is the "boss" of your life and can lead the life the way he wants. So, the pride just save us from death and gains the force.

This person begins to notice other people, is considered the highest of them. You can hear from them phrases like: "how can you be so dark and negative? Don't you see that their life is in their hands and that they only complain?”.

Thus, that "Creator" falls into his own trap, and all the credit and gives only to himself.

And books, in this moments for him to turn back. There are negative moments, or there are more and more unpleasant. And this man doesn't want to take them, he protesting, that is the Creator of your own life, that would be a mystery, But the universe does not hear it, and man remains alone in a world full of misunderstanding.

This is the highest level of demonstration of pride. Being in such a situation, a person lives in a separate world that was created independently. Gradually, he increasingly feels it negative, disappointed all the methods that are wonderful on which to call when needed.

Just what the people and the methods here have no guilt. The culprit is he himself. Trying to learn something from others, he didn't learn anything from life and to continue to take all the lessons of life, as some bugs.

In order not to fall into the trap of pride, you should remember that life is something inexplicable, some kind of force that guides us, supports us and guides us. We must remember that there are no mistakes, only differences from the lessons that life gives us.

And when you get success and luck, do not need to keep them only for you, but they need to share the whole world and give thanks for what you've become better, wiser and stronger. And be grateful to your teachers that life has brought into your life.

Be grateful to the forces that created this world and who create the events in it. And must find a way to communicate with the world and the Universe, because only through this source you can find love and happiness for life.

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nice my friend pliss vote and follow me

Yes, being ungrateful is biggest enemy of our happiness, it makes us forget the blessings we have.
Your deep informative post highlights them very prominently.