Two excellent methods that will help you to free your mind from negative thoughts

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Negative thinking can destroy any relationship, and we poison the life. To get rid of it is nearly vital for anyone who wants to live happy and get what he wants.

What is negative thinking and what risks involves

Our thinking is a powerful tool as we change their lives dramatically in a short time. Negative thoughts always bring in consciousness did not take our gloomiest scenario, forcing us to "prepare for that worse" and to make us afraid of happiness.

"What you think is what you get." . This is a known phrase that best describes the risks caused by negative thoughts. The man who thinks only of the difficulties only they will get.

Are you sure that your new relationship will end bad things? Most likely, the parting is inevitable.

It's a shame to say that progress depending on what you worked so long, will be intended for another employee? Of course, it will happen. With a heavy heart, into debt someone money, thinking at the beginning that you're not going to get back? He guarantee that you will never get that money back so easily.

Consciousness is not perceived, perceives our negative thoughts as a task imposed, and thus, we change the reality after the "request" of the mind. This means that once you learn to create a landscape positively, we will get what we want.

How to deal with negativity?

To get rid of these paintings are black, which he paints in our heads is very easy: the main thing to observe some rules and to apply methods that will restart the positive thinking:

1.DRIVES AWAY BIRDS. Imagine that your thoughts are a few birds sitting on the tree is yours. In the moment when you realize that you are no longer able to cope, banishes the thoughts of these birds and make them disappear.

Over time, you will be able to easily get rid of all negative thoughts. When you can clearly define consciousness did not perceive you, you won't have any problems.

2.TO CUT THE CONNECTION WITH THE PAST. This technique helps you to live "here and now", ignoring all the dirty thoughts, fears and memories. You should practice this meditation every day, as soon as his eyes opened.

Relax, imagine the exotic landscape, quiet place. Now look at you and analyzes the thoughts that come from the past. To break the tie, uttering the phrase: "to Sever all ties and memories of the past."

Feel free in your interior. Pronounce the following words: "to Live here, now, today. The past no longer has any effect on me because it took. The future has no impact on me, because it's not here yet. I, here and now.”

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Wise talks and really very helping thoughts....☺️

I agree with everything you wrote in your lovely post.
It's really nice to read the posts you write - they have a lot of wisdom