"Life depends on the quality of your thoughts"

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Our life depends on our thoughts. Psychologists believe that thoughts emanates a very strong energy.

It should be noted that it is not about thoughts, vague, but from those who hinder us conscience. Doctors believe that for the balance of the nervous and physically, we must learn to think, deliberate and consciously. To think consciously-so I control my thoughts and be careful that they will not be destructive.

It may happen that the thoughts that we have not only, but to be able to cause some diseases. Psychologists say that there is a definite connection between physiological and human intelligence.

The lack of meaning of life – is the most common cause of alcoholism. A person who suffers from the disease, you must set certain values that will resume to see the colors of life and feel a little joy.

The man who denies the possibility may suffer from allergies. The patient should understand that both within and outside, are the same forces that you must learn to control it.

Most voice problems are signs that a person is not able to protect their rights. You have to catch courage and you put your opinion, but at the same time to perform a cold what are your real potential.

Because suffering for love appears asthma. A person who suffers from this disease, it is necessary to obey the influence of a loved one, you must learn to live by their own values.

Those who do not believe in your own life, not willing to obey the pace of global, tend to suffer from insomnia.

In this issue, these people must remember that nothing in this life happens for a reason. Unfortunately, those who do not sleep during the period designated for this activity, you will not be able to live a full life.

If the person refuses to grow, wants to continue life at a pace more active, which means that her legs are sick.

Most often, pain and diseases of ears arise in those who do not want to hear certain things. On a subconscious level, children who do not want to listen to their parents, suffering from certain diseases of the ears. Parents should be close to the child to comfort him.

However, the power of words parents can replace medical care. However, no doctor will be able to help the child, who is under pressure and doesn't want to hear certain things.

Persons, preventing the as a rule, suffer from the extra pounds. These people, gifted from birth and special skills, but their weakness lies in the fact that you can not stable a certain way in which they will develop this talent. These people need to think about what on areas, which will contribute to the development of their own talent.

The reluctance of a person to communicate politely with others presented by coughing. People who have bouts of coughing, often tend to "bark" when talking with someone.

Patients who do not want to go through everything in the past, suffers most often, and some tumors. Negative emotions and resentment, which is in the soul, are not, than to destroy more than the human body.

It is dangerous to you put voltage to a private life with quarrels in the past. Life can not be "fixed", and the errors made in the past should not torment you.

He raises his head up, smiles and live life to the fullest!

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Absolutely awesome . Thanks for posting these words of wisdom and for the past 5 years i have lived by a similar set of values . That has made all the difference in my life . ☺ followed and upvoted .

Absolutely correct!!!
You got my upvote

Absolutely right! It’s a physical law and everybody should know about!