Karma relationships – everything in the room but you have to pay for everything!

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A relationship in which you are is your karma.

In the end, you're forced to be with people with whom you this karma. Depending on how much karma between you and this man, so much time, and you will be together.

With someone you meet once, with someone you a someone you a few months or even years.

Meeting people, communicating with them openly, their energies overlap. All the people with whom you have closer relations begin to exist inside of you. Thus, you become them: the behavior, appearance, expression the same.

If you are in a relationship of harmony and love with these people is very good. If not, then their energy you will only complicate life.

In order to free yourself of the negative energy of a stranger, you need to clean the inside. This can be done through meditation. During meditation, appear memories of the past. You will go back and live everything that's happened to you once.

It was at this point last you left all your energy. Thinking, observing memories and feelings, you will return the energy is blocked. This energy clears and returns to you.

When all the energy from the past will gather – you will become one. In order to free yourself from a relationship with someone, you have to pay all karma that you have with him.

Does nothing.

All you invited someone, you will be required to bring it back. Until you give – you will not be able to get out of the cycle of karma.

You think: "that's nothing man." But if the karma is there, you will have to meet with her again. It is important to meditate, to collect the energy where it's stuck.

Then this person ceases to exist for you. You will not have emotions, there is no communication. Will be near you or far away this man is to you will matter.

With spiritual growth, when energy returns to the heart of your internal space will be freed. Only when you are free from all ways, you can love for real.

Only you, you create karma, no one else. When you will deal with all of the energy will be heavy for you. Otherwise, you will have to see you again with the same people in the same relationship, living the same drama. This means that you are cleansed and you have to pay for it.

If you don't want to be with these people, stay alone. You will only love. If you want to be – what kind of energy between you.

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Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi

the law is valid, what if the law does not apply to you, then one day will definitely happen to your family.
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