If you respect yourself, do not allow these things to happen in your life

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Many of us, I understand that in these moments of great change, we need to radically change your life.

The time in which we now live, requires courage, sincerity and transparency, so we can develop the personality. If you really love and to respect you, you are not to let these things listed below to happen in your life!

People who have self-respect, must not:

1. ... he responds to others

You should only do what makes you happy and live with this condition. Looking at trying to convince others. They will do everything possible, only to you to make you waste time and give you 1,000 reasons why you don't want to listen to my heart. You have to be on their judgment and do what you want. Any person that he loves, he will appreciate your own opinion than others.

2. ... to have negative opinions

If you want your reality to be more positive and cheerful, your thoughts must match the desires. If you have a negative opinion of you, the world around you is grim and exhausting. However, if you are going to have a positive opinion about you, you will see a lot of opportunities and offers in everything that surrounds you. People who respect themselves, feed on thoughts, relationships, career and goals, positive.

3. ... take breaks in personal development

"Comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there..."
If you look around you, the world will seem awful and for this reason many people decide to stay safe and avoid the fact that they create discomfort. But it is not going to develop if you are to try something new. People who respect themselves, break boundaries and test strength, developing thus his identity.

4. ... pass

Again, not going to develop, if you will go after "the principle of the herd." In order to become someone really respectable, you need to create your own path in life, trust your intuition, but not judgments tired of those that surrounds you. Teaches you to feel comfortable in your own skin and you're listening to your intuition and you will see how interesting is the world that surrounds you.

5. ... the practical work that you hate

Unfortunately, most people have a job that you hate, but you practice only in order to pay the bills. You don't have to do the statistics. You should do what you really like.

People who respect themselves, digging deep inside them to find out what their soul wants, and then fulfill the desire. Sometimes you need to exert more effort, until, until you find something really good, but the one who loves and respects leave the job that he does not provide emotional balance and psychological.

6. ... to ignore health

Any man who respects himself, cares about his health, because he knows that they will not be able to be happy really, if faced with any medical problems.

7. ... behaved someone

If you have friends or a partner who is trying to dictate what you should do with your life, then you have every reason to worry. You should not allow someone to manipulate you and control you.

You deserve to have some friendly and healthy relationship that will create a positive state and you will learn something. In other words, if someone is more interested in your life than you know yourself, you need to show him the door. People who have self respect never allow someone to control them.

8. ...technology

In the age of technology, many of us, I allowed gadgets to occupy us most of the time. I lost motivation, and we think that it is more normal to sit in front of monitors than we enjoy real life and to something to.

However, the man who respects himself will work with more efforts to achieve their goals in life, you will be able to control yourself and be disciplined.

9. ... ignore happiness

So many people are satisfied with less than they deserve because they do not know to appreciate and feel too comfortable in this situation. However, any man who respects himself will choose something that will make him really happy.

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