How to be a strong woman, and what price you have to pay for power

in life •  last year

"I'm doing everything alone. Can, make, me pull. Not asking for anything from anyone.” Fee for full independence, fatigue, exhaustion, can't count on anyone but you. "I do everything myself." Why?

On the one hand is the inability to ask for help. Yes, there is a motive. But on the other hand this sense of need in you, to motivate the existence on this earth. "When you exceed the fatigue and pain when I exert maximum effort, ignoring my wishes, this means that they can, that they live in." In order to motivate you to life, you need to make very many things you have to be strong, smart, fast. The roots of this belief in childhood. They can expect to be underestimating.

"You're a nobody. Be more than you and you will get the right to exist.” The lack of recognition of father, mother, the need to constantly "should" all. Perhaps the daughter "stole" this behavior of his mother, who always had to do everything alone.

Higher, faster, stronger. Goal after goal. Everything is under control, career, family, friends. You know, all all can. You want to control every step, to divide the tasks to install a program to the person next to you. You want all need you. But you need is not love.

Love This is what I want strong women. At the same time, they play the role of victim. He condemns that does everything itself and, in response, behaves aggressively, defensively. No need to make people surrounding disabled people and fools. They manage without you. "But if they are coping without me, why else would I? Will someone need?” But you need?

How to abandon the role of victim and Savior, must relinquish power. Take responsibility of the person next to you doing the same. You have to learn many things as you achieve success in this. We need to talk about your intentions, but also to protect their interests, not forgetting the interests of others. To get out of the position of the victim means to leave, to divide the world into good and bad and learn to talk about what you need.

You must recognize your weaknesses and be just a man. Not a hero, not a Saint, but a man with his desires, needs, his whims. What you need to do for this? Most of all, ask yourself, "I'm Not the victim's behavior? I am able to forgive? I don't blame all of them?”

You will learn to properly plan the time that you correctly performed their duties, ask for help. compromise sometimes, to be weak sometimes and do not look ever!

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