The Seasons That I Love Might Not Exist Anymore

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I was born in a country with a temperate transitional continental climate and four weather seasons that for the most part of my life have followed each other with a divine precision. That's how I remember time passing by and how I stacked my memories. In four different shelves painted in different colors.

Winter was always about snow and I had not even a month of December without building snowmen, when I was a child, or riding on a sleigh from the top of the hills surrounding my home town and even on the streets. We were going sleighing even in high-school with the whole class in weekends. It was well nailed in the calendar that in winter the days were cold and snow wouldn't miss in any year breaking some tree branches and making us wearing gloves.

Spring coming after was always embracing us with a warm sun and blooming flowers every year. It usually claimed its time from late February or the beginning of March and would live to do its nature rejuvenating tasks until June when the sun usually started burning stronger and stronger turning green leaves into yellow ones by mid July. I always loved spring and still do. It always felt that the year begun on spring for me and not on the first of January.

Summers were pretty hot a few decades ago also, but not that hot as they are now and temperatures were usually collecting degrees gradually making it easier to adapt to the new season. In the summer shelf of memories I still have a lot of fishing mixed with high-school year end parties and long nights spend on the shores of the Danube with friends. It was always the fun season that had the longest days and the busiest nights. Some of them too busy to even feel what mornings felt like.

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With the month of September temperatures always started to temper and become more "friendly". When in school it was the nostalgic season that made me feel older before the beginning of any new school year. There were usually some pretty good days also with almost continuous rain and heavy fishing after it:) Yeah after rain I was almost always testing my luck around the lake. The nights though were not that busy anymore and the vacation vibe was long gone, replaced by future plans, math and rusty leaves. But the time in autumn seemed to always have more quality and productiveness in it.

Now with all this climate changes I've noticed that I haven't experienced the usual four seasons for some years. Not that we don't have winter or summer anymore, but they're kind of mixed, unpredictable and very fast transiting from one to each other and from all this turmoil I've noticed that I lost my favorite ones: spring and autumn. Although I can't say that I don't like snow or laying at a pool under the sun in summer, I always felt better and more comfortable at around 20°C with sneakers on my feet instead of slippers and not too much sweat on my forehead. I like comfort that gives me peace of mind more than anything.

I love mild climates and seasons and unfortunately my favorite seasons have become just a few weeks of transition between summer and winter with extreme temperatures and nothing else particular to them. They don't have time anymore to express themselves and allow us to gradually get used with the next season coming. It's like even the weather is rushing towards something stuck in the future like humanity does.

I was used with my four seasons climate and loved springs and autumns, but seems that they'll go extinct in a few decades or maybe a century. I was hoping for a while though that these phenomenons were temporary and everything will come back to normal, but gradually I am starting to get used with the idea that this might be the new climate to live in, for now, and that I might have lost my favorite times of the year. There is though a good thing to all of this and that is the fact that I might need only summer and winter clothes in the future and a smaller closet...

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