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What is Libra (Cryptocurrency)? — Friend or Foe?

in libra •  2 months ago 

excellent video, commented on youtube as well.

i think part of what you say rings true, they have the 2.7 billion odd people who currently don't use any other part of the internet but their gossip feed on facebook and no matter how much data they leak on their users people will just go with crowd sheep mentality when it comes to 'getting libra'

i also get the feeling that to build back in any trust and stay relevant they cannot afford NOT to have a crypto currency project at this stage -- the backers concern me because it feels like just a power play move of getting in bed with those that are already able to be manipulated and put in backdoors, it's almost like we are letting back in the middleman.

i think you nailed it about uncle bitcoin thou and his gold stash, first mover advantage here but heck, if libra also VALIDATES the need for digital global cryptocurrency i'm all for it, but it ain't gonna get me using facebook again -- i expect people who develop bridges between libra and projects and services they build out from now until libra is programmable will do very well out of it.

Great video!

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