Tom Woods Just Joined the Libertarian Party

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The announcement came this morning that Tom Woods joined the Libertarian Party, so what's the big deal?

As it turns out, Tom Woods has over 40k libertarian listeners a day and the Libertarian Party only has 15k members, so that makes him a rather important voice if we want to bring in more activists to the party.

After Nicholas Sarwark was re-elected as Chair of the LNC, after his provacateur-style turned so many off of the Liberty message, I believe the influx of big names like Tom Woods will bring credibility back to a party that has an Audacious Caucus that waves dildos around to get attention.

Don't forget to check out Tom Woods Liberty Classroom for all of the Economics and History you missed out on in public schools!

Now the Libertarian Party just needs a Presidential candidate who ISN'T Bill Weld!



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Good article. All the best on this.

I'd love it!

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