The Libertarian Party's Successes this Past Month Outweigh the Drama

in #liberty3 years ago

With all the drama around Ron Paul not being invited to speak at the Libertarian Party Convention and Larry Sharpe stepping down, you'd think the part was in absolute shambles.

During the past month:

  • we got our first Libertarian statewide officeholder, who is now running for U.S. Senate

  • the New Mexico Libertarian Party was recognized as an official major party

  • an ex-Democratic state legislator joined the party to run as a Libertarian for Secretary of State

  • the Nevada party is on the cusp of achieving official status by exceeding 1% of all registered voters

  • our Libertarian state legislators in New Hampshire introduced a bipartisan marijuana legalization bill, and other bills relating to ballot access

  • our Libertarian state senator in Nebraska got her occupational licensing bill through committee with the enthusiastic support of both the ACLU & the state's biggest conservative think tank

  • Libertarians in Oxnard, California successfully gathered enough signatures to recall the mayor and three city council members

  • the Libertarian mayor of Calimesa, CA attracted national press attention for the massive savings, and butting heads with the unions, over his fire department reforms

  • the Ohio Libertarian Party passed over 81,000 signatures on its party petition, likely well in excess of the ~55,000 valid signatures needed, and according to Richard Winger, the most gathered by any third-party in any state since 2008.

Good job, guys.


I was quite disappointed with the last election, and didn't follow the LP since. Good to read that there are still successes despite some drama.

I don’t consider myself a libertarian, but I also don’t identify completely with the left or the right. I wish the libertarian party was more successful in convincing republicans and Democrats who are sick of both sides being corrupt and inefficient that they should look into the libertarian party as a viable third choice. Sounds like things are looking up!

I supported Gary Johnson in the last election and generally consider my ideals in line with libertarianism (not to be confused with anarchism). However, the Libertarian party is a disaster. It is always shooting itself in the foot. Rejecting Ron Paul and Nepolitano as speakers is a good example. The Libertarian party can't afford to alienate so many liberty minded people. And if Ron Paul doesn't know what the Libertarian party stands for then I sure as hell don't. Apparently it isn't libertarianism.