Israel Launches Large-Scale Attack On Syria After F-16 Crashes

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This is not a conspiracy theory, just a thought on the escalation of hostilities and danger of alliances.

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Is Israel doing this in order to push Syrian retaliation, which will then force America to come to Israeli defense?

Then Russia and Iran come to Syrian defence, and all of the sudden we have a pretty big war. Is the state department pushing Israel to give America a reason to help them?

It would seem the Israelis did this in response to an Iranian drone crossing into Israel. The war in Syria is wrapping up, and Israel is making very clear that despite the Iranians having bought the right to establish a military presence in Syria by bailing out Assad in a time of need (I doubt Assad could do much to stop it) they will not allow this presence to approach the border and certainly not to breach it.

I link this article because America already has troops and a military presence in Syria, with no plan to leave.

An Iranian drone going into Israeli air space can be a reason to bomb Syria, but I’m pretty sure they can take out the drone. When an American drone went into Iranian airspace a few years ago, should they have dropped bombs on America?

Of course Israel has the right to defend its boarders, but let’s not think it’s ok to escalate to that level.

Israel historically is easy to escalate, but it’s our military and taxpayer that has to write the check.

End. Foreign. Aid. To. Everyone. Including. Israel.


Israel is just don't like don't even dream about it, imagine it, plan for it, pussyfoot around about it because we aren't going to play cat and mouse games we are just going to take care of it.

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