Your Daily Outrage: We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake

in #liberty3 years ago (edited)

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Some who would benefit from such a move might say...

Should I be on the hook for my massive student loan debt? Yes. Will I be offended if it's forgiven? No.

To which I’d reply...

Should I be on the hook for your massive student loan debt? No. Will it be theft? Yes.

Would I get a check equal to the amount forgiven for others since I was smart enough to plan my financial future out? I won’t hold my breath.

I read an article warning that ideas like this, a jubilee, would start it hit the news within the year.

Watch out for more of these articles and prepare for the ideas to take hold, especially when the economy suffers a prolonged downturn. Trump will call it something like a bankruptcy for the people, a fresh start, etc.


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