Looking at DACA in a Vacuum Before the Liberty Movement is Strong Enough to Win the Argument for Liberty

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Jason Stapleton talks about not giving up an inch of liberty, and doing everything possible politically to move toward freedom and away from tyranny. I agree that this is fundamental in order to keep our freedoms from eroding as they have been over the past 80 years.

Unable to embed episode but it's hosted here.

On episode 690 he discusses DACA and the dilemma we are facing with potentially giving a path to citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants. I understand the sentimentality of each individual case where these kids have lived here their entire lives and may get deported if DACA is rescinded.

It is also impractical to try and do so. The point is are we going to stick to our principles and enforce the rule of law, or are we going to reward lawlessness and stick a middle finger in the face of immigrants who went through the trouble of coming here legally? I can’t rob a bank and give the money to my kids and expect that that money won’t be confiscated once I get caught.

Most importantly, if these millions of illegal immigrants are granted a path to citizenship, they will vote, and demographics show that they will vote for the left. 65% of the Latino vote went to Hilary in 2016 and 85% of foreign born Latinos have historically voted Democrat. Considering these numbers, and the potential further widening with DACA, the republicans won’t win another election in this country and the Liberty Movement still isn’t strong enough or big enough to influence such massive numbers of people who don’t speak English, and have been indoctrinated by our left-leaning public school system and colleges.

We won’t stand a chance.

In conclusion, is supporting DACA, or more broadly the popular libertarian position on open borders and free movement going to bring us closer to liberty, or will it inevitably doom us into gerrymandering tyranny?

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Libertarians believe in Property Rights, don't lump us all together with open-border advocates. The current social welfare environment equates open borders to flood into our country and infringe on our property rights.


"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."- Thomas Jefferson


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