Everything You Need to Know About Rights

in liberty •  7 months ago

Rights are not entitlements. Their benefits are EARNED by their exercise.

Rights are actions saying, "I can and will do this, and will (PERSONALLY) defend against anyone who, through use of force, would stop me." A true RIGHT is a personal will to action, not a privilege granted by some external authority or afforded by some collective. We exercise a RIGHT because INDIVIDUALLY it IS right, because it is righteous, and because we know it to be the right thing to do. It's inarguable and self-evident, not a perk or a gift for good behavior. Exercising a right doesn't ask permission... it is an act which is the most sovereign and answers to no higher authority. Only sovereign entities ...like Kings, have rights. All power comes from that sovereignty. If you have to ask permission, or feel guilt or shame about doing something, then you are not exercising your own authority. You either have Royal authority over yourself, or you are a slave and have no rights of your own (only perhaps "granted privileges," which are revocable). To prove this, you MUST demonstrate your authority by acting.... by exercising your rights.

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