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And Angela Merkel will not be pleased. Catalonia has issued an ultimatum to the Spanish government. Allow and respect the results of our secession referendum or we leave now.

The last time Catalonia held a referendum the Spanish government rolled tanks into Catalonia and then refused to accept the results. Since then the locals have been doing the ground work to declare independence from Spain -- drafting constitutions, setting up parallel institutions, etc.

Markel cannot allow this. She's all for Scottish Independence, though she hasn't said so overtly, because the Scots want to leave the U.K. post-Brexit to join the EU. But, Catalonia wants out of Spain because, as its richest state, it is no longer willing to be turned into debt-slaves to Brussels, a la Greece.

As she works overtime to batten down the political hatches more secessionist movements spring up across Europe, invoing Princess Leia's great line in the original Star Wars, "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

That Catalonia has scheduled this referendum in September is a direct challenge to Merkel's re-election as the German elections are then as well. Watch the G-7 meeting this weekend very closely to see how far Trump goes to protect U.K. Prime MInister Theresa May from the Germans, who are out in full throat trying to deny Brexit by any means necessary.

Expect Trump to defend the dollar and U.S. interests and threaten serious protectionism against the EU if Merkel tries to get the rest of the Group to sanction or rebuke Brexit. That will be bearish for gold and the euro which will likely stoke more capital flight from Europe into U.S. assets and Bitcoin.

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I love your Imperial observations.
How the EU is being run has effectively turned it into the 4th Reich and obviously imperialist ambitions outweigh the rights and liberties of individual nations...

See me comment to BDL, I was actually trying to reply to you. :)

go catalonia! if only greeks would have figured this out a few years ago.

I absolutely agree with you. The EU was set up by Germany to do exactly what it has done to Southern Europe and it is now trying to do the same to Eastern Europe. This is all about what the big German industrialists want.

Agreed. Varoufakis got screwed by Tsipras who is a eunuch. Varoufakis was right in telling him to prepare to pull out of the euro-zone. Greece would be a great place to invest right now if he told that old fucking Kraut Schauble to go scratch.

i wonder if the greeks are looking around and asking , what the hell happened we got ourselves even further in debt and not only are we in the same boat again, we seem to have punched a bunch of holes in it!