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Who is the enemy of Rightful Liberty?

It is the one who violates it, or advocates violating it. It is the one who asks others to violate it on his behalf.


No one else can be the enemy of Rightful Liberty.

So, who is violating Rightful Liberty?
Who advocates violating Rightful Liberty?
Who asks others to violate Rightful Liberty on his behalf?

Archators-- specifically including anyone who advocates governing others-- do. That's who.

It doesn't matter if they try to govern others with socialism, communism, republicanism, democracy, theocracy, or some other version of statism. Governing others is always a violation of Rightful Liberty.

This means those who use the US Constitution as some sort of touchstone are mortal enemies of Rightful Liberty. The Constitution established a government. A State. As such it continues to violate Rightful Liberty with everything it permits or fails to prevent, even to this day. And Constitutionalists encourage it to do so. Even harder, if it suits them.

They'll deny it venomously. They'll try to place the blame elsewhere. On you. Somehow they'll blame you for not "enforcing Constitutional limits" on the State a hundred years or more before you were born. They'll blame you for not demanding employees of the State stay inside those limits (or at least the limits they like) now-- and will tell you v*ting is the way to accomplish it. They'll claim it's the way to scare them into behaving. Never mind that it has never worked. Yes, it would be hilarious if it weren't so sad and dangerous.

They'll promise to defend Rightful Liberty to the death-- your death-- while utterly destroying Rightful Liberty with everything they advocate, delegate, and do.

They'll even advocate things, using the Constitution as a justification, that the Constitution didn't ever allow. Such as "immigration" control. Ask about that and they'll point to the part about "naturalization"; ignoring that it set out how to make someone a "citizen", not how to allow them to be here. This shows they support something they don't even understand, and make it up when it suits their feelings.

And they'll feel pleased with themselves, and feel superior.

They are not necessarily the greatest threat to Rightful Liberty right now. Their numbers are too small. Others may be worse and are more numerous. But if you mistakenly believe they understand and support liberty, and see you as an ally, you are making a fatal error.

Just heed the warning.

Those who want you to doubt that anarchy (self ownership and individual responsibility) is the best, most moral, and ethical way to live among others are asking you to accept that theft, aggression, superstition, and slavery are perhaps better. They are dead wrong. No matter the excuses they use.


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“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.” —Lysander Spooner


I've been reading everything on this website: for the last month or so, and a few days ago I finished reading this, nr 478, and this is for @dullhawk as well, I want to know if you can find a fault or contention to it.

As much as we want to blame the constitution or any treaty for their ineffectiveness the obvious logic is that we are wholly to blame. We cannot expect words on a piece of paper to compel individuals to act a certain way just as we cannot guarantee tomorrow will even come all such "contracts" are void by that observable, verifiable, fact of life: We aren't prophets and we don't have any basis to make claims in the future or to be held to respect claims we have made in the past, the Buddha observed over 2 millennia ago that we are not the same as we were yesterday, we change from one day to the next, and more precisely from one moment to the next.

This speaks more deeply that we are forever correcting our course and dispelling our illusions.

The point being is that Anarchy is the Golden Rule, and American Common Law is equally the Golden Rule to a T and therefore Anarchy and American Common Law are the exact same thing, the Constitution is a Government of the Militia, for the Militia and it doesn't apply to free men and women, only those that swear allegiance to the united States (Virginian Citizen vs United States citizens) and walk out on their nationality of Virginian. Yet now to clear the obvious rub: Virginia itself and all other colonies are the result of Deceit, Murder, Rape, Pillaging of the corpses, and claims over the land that is endowed by the creator to all and evident in nature. The Iroquois (I forgot which Iroquoian Tribe specifically) were about the only ones that in the Appalachians would practice a form of land ownership where hunting areas were passed down from parents to children, which is somewhat similar to what we have today and what had been imported from Feudal Europe. And to erase the rub completely once this is recognized the contention is that this was so long ago that all this Usurpation of Treaties with the Natives and outright War, are we to be blamed for the sins of our fathers? but it's simpler than that, there's no Blame to be shared, only clear, specific and unbiased factual history to be written, so that the millennia old trauma can be processed and we can actually move on as a people of this planet, not as a people of these bounds, language or culture which cannot shackle us in any way, we are free. Virginians aren't responsible but they have a responsibility to write the correct historical record or we shall without a doubt continue to fuss over borders, and all other chains that we enamor in wearing and clamor to ream those who detest the chains instead of focusing on freeing everyone from this trauma.

Pointing to the constitution and placing any kind of blame on it is tantamount to pointing at any other tool in the shed or abstraction and blaming them for moving one inch. It is much more certain that no document can "move" any people, and no words or chants or poems or any such mediums can either, nor can they prevent people from acting. Neither are we privileged to what tomorrow brings, or are we solving much if anything by accusing tools of the impossible. And in spite of that tools cannot move, we can use the constitution (being fit To exist), and use it to point and holler, just as you have done with Naturalization, NO, it is not so and this is why and how, because only men can do anything.

To clarify why I made that point is that this much is certain: Gangs are a problem, and so far the only viable solution is to counter them with a group effort. Anarchy and American Common Law are at ends even though they are both echoing the fundamental principle, the ground that both broke into: Freedom.

Therefore this in Anna's word's is why it's crucial:

Generations of Americans have scoured The Constitution looking for answers how to fix our broken government, but that is like reading a book about Barn Building, when what we really need to know is How to Raise Cows. The subjects are somewhat related, but only obliquely. Instructions for building hay mows and stanchions and waste gutters give information by inference, but don’t directly instruct us in what we need to know.
So in Article IV, The Constitution defines the evils of Bills of Attainder and forbids them, and in Amendment VII makes it clear that the American people are owed Common Law Courts, and in Article X it mentions that the states retained undelegated powers not granted to the new United States government, but doesn’ttell us how to object to Bills of Attainder, or which kind of “Common Law” Americans are owed, or give us a list of the powers that the states and people retained. So far as the writers of The Constitution were concerned it was assumed and we were expected to know all that for ourselves—but somewhere in the mass confusion, deceit, and fraud of the Civil War and the Reconstruction Acts---- we forgot. We forgot who we are, what our states are, what their jurisdiction is, how their powers are exercised, how they are meant to operate, and how to exercise the power of checks and balances. And it’s the same way with our counties. We forgot that the counties are the domain of the people and that the counties in turn control the states.
Instead, the self-interested vermin in DC contrived to turn everything around and upside down, to usurp upon our lawful counties and states and replace them via fraud and deceit with corporate franchises willing to do anything and everything their parent corporations in the District of Columbia demand. They even contrived to mischaracterize us and our political status, to demean and defraud us by the use and abuse of unilateral and undisclosed contracts to entrap, ensnare, and enclose upon the very people these monsters are hired and paid to protect.
So here we are in 2017, finally dispensing with the fog and corruption and destruction of the Civil War, finally getting rid of the carpetbaggers, and working to see our rightful government restored.
Let it be noted that the Missing Pieces are all on our side.
The US Government created by The Constitution is corrupt and arrogant and lawless after 150 years of running wild, but it is still kicking. It’s the American Government that is MIA.
It’s the actual American states that no longer answer roll call and act to prevent federal usurpation of their power. It’s the actual American counties that no longer lawfully assemble and do the job of directing the states. It’s our government that is on the ropes, firing on only two cylinders----and it’s because our counties and states
have been enfranchised and unlawfully converted by the so-called “federal government” into mere franchises of their own commercial corporations that Checks and Balances no longer work to prevent federal overreach, usurpation, and oppression.
It is because we have ignorantly allowed ourselves to be called “citizens of the United States” and allowed our political status to be misrepresented and mischaracterized, too, that we are oppressed and abused and presumed upon by these foreign interlopers.
If we are to restore our rightful government and learn to use the power of The Constitution we are owed, we must first restore and hone the American Government--- the lawful, unincorporated counties and states of the land jurisdiction, and restore ourselves as the people of our respective fifty nation-states.
The key is in our hands. It is up to us to turn it in the lock.


I have often pointed out that the "USA" is the worst threat America has ever faced; and America may not survive it. (In fact, this is probably a moot point already.)

The main problem I have with most of the above is that it assumes some sort of externally imposed government ("State") can be legitimate or good. The US government is evil. The American government would be evil. The Texas government is evil. Every government is evil. Some are worse than others, but all are evil to the core- it just depends on how much harm the government employees feel they can get away with.

The Constitution attempted to establish a State where somewhat less-evil governments had existed before. And it accomplished it. Its deed done, it was pretty much dispensed with as an inconvenience. I'm not going to spend my life worrying about the tiny details of what went wrong- someone imposed a State. That's all you need to know, and explains exactly what went wrong, and where and when it went wrong. It was wrong from conception- it couldn't have birthed anything other than a monster.


You seriously mistake what an Oath of Office is and the chains the servants bind themselves under this Good Faith oath, they are neither immune nor hell bent on defrauding you under this presumed immunity.

In other words you can call it evil all day long but if you cannot draw up a good enough argument as to how it is wrong for people to have lawful governance (with consent) it's paramount to pointing at the constitution and blaming it to move one inch by itself.

The Constitution attempted to establish a State where somewhat less-evil governments had existed before. And it accomplished it. Its deed done, it was pretty much dispensed with as an inconvenience.

The constitution is in no capacity to do any thing.

I'm not going to spend my life worrying about the tiny details of what went wrong- someone imposed a State.

The details are simply that the state and constitution have nothing to do with you but everything with the State, if you cannot appreciate the power of this tool you will have to dig holes by yourself when there is a crew who has excavators and can burrow to china on a minuscule percentage of your efforts, but do keep digging away I am sure any day now the efforts to get through the other side will validate themselves.

That's all you need to know, and explains exactly what went wrong, and where and when it went wrong. It was wrong from conception- it couldn't have birthed anything other than a monster.

I don't have to fight or fuss over imaginary creations or their creations, I recognize I am not a party to the treaty, that is no my signature, yet I can consent to a lawful governance and a lawful competent and completely liable Referee who swears to act in arbitration in matters of infringement onto the Golden Rule, period. There is no force, no coercion, no threats of violence anywhere, it's simply the solemn oath, no less the word of men and women, for due process. I see the value of this tool, and see the hopelessness of denouncing the tools which haven't been implemented correctly or blaming and wishing their destruction for deeds that only men can do.


Freedom, as liberty is a sailor's term. The point is that the Constitution hasn't worked, as all treaties haven't, all that they do is give the appearance of freedom and that appearance quickly becomes the wishful thinking of what freedom is and like you said the *unjustified blame are on those who aren't even part to the treaty or the contract.



Unfortunately, the military perverted the word "liberty" as it does everything it touches. They took a word and applied it to a concept which is its polar opposite.

"Freedom" is doing whatever you want to do- good, bad, or indifferent.

"Liberty" is the freedom to do what you have a right to do- which is anything which doesn't violate someone else. You can see this definition in the writings of Thomas Jefferson: "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." Notice he doesn't use the sailors' warped "definition" of the word.

The Constitution has been a "dead letter" for almost all of its existence. For multiple reasons.