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in liberty •  last year


Borderism is just another manifestation of the toxic and whiny "safe space" movement. No different than the other forms seen on university campuses. Childishness mistaken for maturity.

Once seen in that light, you may never be able to unsee it. Or to take them seriously ever again.


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National borders are not analogous to property lines.

This is a simple statement that the border supporters, even bordertarians, cannot seem to grasp even when they realize the government that claims those borders does not represent or protect them.


I had a guy respond to me on FB today by saying "But I bet you lock your house doors". LOL. I said, yes, I do. But I don't barricade you inside your house to prevent you from inviting people I don't like inside, or to prevent you from leaving.
This is one of the silliest, but longest-lived borderist mythtakes.


It wouldn't happen to have been a certain Kyle Wagner by any chance, would it?


I don't even remember. It was in an anarchy group.

I got a "safe space' for them.