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What should be the qualities of water?
How should DNA be built?
How should snowflakes be designed?
Who should be in charge of flocks of birds or schools of fish?
How should ecosystems be run?
How should the market be controlled?
How should society be run?

All the above is meaningless drivel.

Yet, a majority of people seriously consider the last two and debate them. Society and the market are emergent systems. They can't be "run", designed, or controlled, and trying to do so harms individuals, which damages the health of society and destroys the market.

Only the pathologically evil would keep trying.


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Yes people who is controle all of it only people who can change the society from bad to the better place no need for goverments

Great to hear this @dullhawk surely expressed a lot!!

dullhawk your post reminded me of Masaru Emoto's water experiment, where he displays the relationship between human consciousness and the molecular composition of water. If you are not familiar with it I highly suggest a peek, it's absolutely delightful!