Blind faith in States

in #liberty4 years ago

People sure have a lot of blind faith in the States of the planet.

They seem to believe the States are the only things keeping humans from killing each other. They seem to believe people are one whim away from mass murder- and only the State keeps us from carrying it out.

What about the State does this? Its ability to punish? Its ability to watch everyone all the time? Or some other even more mystical property?

How do these people act when no employee of the State is present? Do they either cower in fear, or start running amok? Or, is it all an act on their part? A comfortable lie?


"The first man who, having fomented an organized capacity for violence, was the true founder of civilization." ~Mancur Olson He wrote an article for the American Political Science Review in 1993 about how bands of "roving bandits" were replaced by "stationary bandits". The citizens found the stationary bandits preferable to the roving variety for a number of reasons. These new bandits evolved into "The State" by giving themselves exalted titles and extracting loot (taxes).