Another Branch Davidian siege anniversary

in #libertylast year

Today is-- as I was reminded by the anniversary of the beginning of the attack (and eventual murder) of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. published an account of the crime that you might be interested in.

I'm interested because of the odd confluence of events that made it all seem a little more personal than it should have been.

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One of the attacking officers said, "Well i guess they didn't love their children enough".

And then i watched the trials in congress where the person acting as judge was so vehemently against the davidians that it was palpable. In every sentence he uttered.

And, even with a smoking gun (IR footage of the govern-cement lighting the place on fire) it was still ruled an accident, and all the officers were cleared.

This whole thing really frosts my cookies!

Soooo, what should have been done?
When attacked, counterattack and don't stop.
Leave none alive and then escape to places with lawyers.
Because, obviously the govern-cement is not reasonable, or able to be reasoned with. They have already decided you are guilty.


There are still many people who thoughtlessly parrot the government's accusations as though they were the unvarnished truth. It's mighty convenient to murder the accused and avoid even setting up a kangaroo court to convict them, and bootlickers are always there to blame the victims by saying, "if they had done as they were told, they would still be alive." Such people sicken me.