Be a Jedi-- understand force

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You, as an abolitionist-Voluntaryist-anarchist-libertarian, are a real-life Jedi. You understand the power of force. Not The Force, perhaps, but force. In fact, you understand it's (almost) all about force.

Force is neither good nor bad. It's all in how you use it.

Defensive force is the light side.

Initiated force-- aggression-- is the dark side.

If you start looking for ways to justify initiating force, out of "necessity, it is a path which leads away from the light side into the dark side. Follow this path often enough, and despite your best intentions, you'll become a real-life Sith.

And sometimes it is with the best of intentions that you take steps down that path. You may do it out of concern for the less fortunate. Or for the children. Out of fear of what "might happen" if you don't initiate force against someone who hasn't actually archated yet, but you are sure they will if you don't use force against them first. It's a seductive path.

This is the path followed by cops, politicians, and all government employees. They may see themselves as the good guys, but they can't be. Almost all their force is initiated force. Aggression. The dark side of force. Even if they sometimes use force defensively, it's not where their power comes from. They put on the kindly Palpatine act, while secretly they are Darth Sidious.

And this is what you're up against. You didn't choose the battle, but it chose you. Ready or not.


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I do like how people love movies where a ragtag band of scrappy rebels take it to the man. When it comes to real life, they are afraid of being put on a list, or being arrested.

Great post, I often feel like a Jedi when I am talking to my Statist friends.


Well, you are a Jedi.

This is an excellent way to put it.
Spoiler Alert
Luke's contemplation of a pre-emptive strike against Ben Solo was probably his biggest mistake.


Initiation of force never works out like you'd imagine it will.

When I know my enemy and my enemy is regularly committing acts of aggression against innocent people, my destruction of him is not wrong. I will strike first when given the opportunity. If my enemy is known, I will hunt them down. That's not unethical either. Why should I wait for them to aggress directly against me when I know they have already aggressed against countless other innocent people already? No, it is better than I strike to destroy them.

Awesome work sir,thanks a lot for sharing such cool article.