The conversation that is being shouted down in the Libertarian Party

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The whole idea of "left" and "right" should be rejected in the LP but they can be useful at times to place our views within the more "normie" paradigm.

The LP is economically "right." Even economically far right. That is why communism is completely foreign and antithetical.

The LP is socially "left" (as in liberal, not as in progressive). Even socially far left. That is why alt-right and prejudice is completely foreign and antithetical.

Far left economics are not Libertarian Party Libertarianism. Far right social views are not Libertarian Party Libertarianism.

Notice I talk about views. Not about people. People are more than just their views and are not quite so simply categorized.

My views on people is that all people who agree with us, even if just on 1% of issues are welcome, and we work with them on that agreement. That does not mean that the 99% disagreement all of sudden requires faux unity nor does that become Libertarian Party Libertarianism. It just means that we can put that aside while we work where we agree.
That is actual unity. Not a claim of unity that is actually a call for a fundamental change in what the Party is.

That is a unity statement that I will be working for in 2020.

We need to get back to single issue alliances whereever and whenever possible. Both insisting on agreement on everything and insisting that everyone's view must be "accepted" are terrible positions. One creates a group of one and the other creates a big zero.

Anarcho-communism has no place in the LP. Anarcho-communists do. There are many areas in which we can work towards common cause. Purges of people are stupid. Rejection of ideas is not.

It seems that some folks were triggered by the statement that anarcho-commmunism has no place in the LP. I am as #sorrynotsorry about that statement as I am about the fact that prejudice and bigotry (even when done in voluntary interactions that do not involved force) has no place in the LP.

People =/= ideas. People > ideas.


I love the idea of working together er and building IDEA-based coalitions on areas of agreement. Graciously and enthusiastically accepting help and working together on areas of agreement will help The Liberty Movement grow.

Yes that is my goal - rather than forcing communists to ignore to their differences with capitalists and vice versa. Real unity versus faux unity.