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RE: The heart of the "libertarian socialism" issue

in #libertarian-party2 years ago (edited)

It seems to me the their statement is a misunderstanding of Locke. He does argue that after a time Land would go back to a natural state. This he points out is after some time. To me this makes some sense. Locke argues that use could also be fust enjoying it, like sitting on your porch.

For me I think that these socialists could be useful to nudge other socialists in our direction. Obviously I am a free market guy so I disagree completely with their economics. I also know that you understand Adam's understanding of localization. I really do think that this offers us a win with the socialists. If we could restrain their ideology under Localization it enables us to use them as a tool to reach out to the economic left without giving up on our free market ideals. Just a suggestion. To me this would be a way to come together.

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