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This just in per e-mail. Thought I'd better share:

Summer in Liberland is close to an end and I am excited to share with you our progress on multiple fronts. Liberland has become easier to access, and we had important international media such as ZDF (Germany) Al Jazeera and several documentary teams visiting Liberland. Now it is possible to stay in Liberland (or next to it depending on the security situation) comfortably on board our ship Liberty. We have the first opening of the ship to the public on September 9. We are also looking forward to select the first permanent crew to stay there.

I had an enormously successful visit to the USA and delivered a keynote speech at the ALEC conference. The American Legislative Exchange Council is America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators. Our project received standing ovations! I am coming back to the USA in late September to build more support in the US Congress and also to meet with delegations coming for the UN General Assembly.

We had the honor to be invited to the UNPO general assembly in the Scottish Parliament. We gathered a lot of support in the organisation and we plan to become a member of our first international organisation soon.

Our Economic Council and ICO advisory team was joined by new key experts such as the famous Michael Arrington, founder of CrouchFund and Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva. Important Blockchain startup Univesa headed by Alexander Borodich, dedicated five percent of their funding to the Liberland Future Fund.

Other Important news:
Liberland Chess Team won over Ivory Coast 7:1
Liberbeer placed 2nd in Serbian beer competition and will be produced in Serbia soon
Miss Liberland placed fourth in Miss Freedom of the World Competition
Liberland Rotary Club is being formed and it is looking for supportive members in other clubs who are willing to change their club affiliation

We really appreciate your support of Liberland in any form, and we encourage you to be creative. Anybody who contributes to Liberland is rewarded by merits. You can gain merits (1:1 ratio to USD) by donating to or working for our cause.

Important events:
September 9: First Permanent Settlement of Liberland Celebration
September 15-16: Blockchain Crypto Meetup, Essen, Germany
September 18-26: US Congress and UNGA
September 27: Luxemburg Diplomatic council
October 6-8: Al Sharq conference, Istanbul, Turkey
October 7-8: Hackers Congress, Prague Czech Republic
October 18-20: Norway visit, Oslo, Norway
October 22-25: UK House of Lords visit, London, UK
October 27-29: Open Fest and ESFL, Sarajevo
October 28: ESFL regional conference, Pristina
November 6-7: Hong Kong visit
November 9-10: Bangkok visit

Thank you very much again for your support. If you would like to be involved in Liberland development, please contact us at the address [email protected] We are setting up the teams all around the world and we are looking for people who can help and have experience with diplomacy, IT, marketing, support management and many other fields. Don't hesitate to write us something about yourself and we will connect you with your local Representative.
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