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I think we could simultaneously roll out the Deputiz'em in that same settlement also. A fundamental key to the plan is having a duly selected/elected sheriff that is a part of the planned settlement. Martin County Florida is rural enough and Polk County has a denser population but could be done as well.

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Well, I envision a "New Liberland" colony first starting out as/in an Incorporated Village (especially in a Home Rule state like FL). or city. What is especially intriguing is what might happen if we find a "Effington South" style county that embraces Liberland's Constitution, and is willing to watch as we "Sanctuary" the other 9 Amendments as well), but set our sights on a coastal town. Now, does our police department have jurisdiction in the water? How far out? The Deputiz'm Plan works just as well with a city or village having their own "metro" court where Jury Nullification may be sanctioned and promoted.... and of course a vol. fire department, as well for augmentation.

Please keep Andy's vid circulating!

Sooner or later, some fearless millennials who have been harrassed enough by government stooges in costumes will get behind this concept.....