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Yes I am politically atheist. You should have heard me during the Bush years shitting on republicans and red the red state, America does no wrong, evangelical, war mongering, flag waving Garth Brook morons. I was equally as harsh.

Women have more rights than men. Equal pay is not an issue, it has been disproven time and time again. If you wish to believe it that is fine, and I cannot change that and no economist or study, will change your opinion that it is real. On racism? My family came here in the 20's, got off boats after legally immigrating, learned the language and got jobs. We were by all means brown people. We dealt with it and moved on. We never owned a slave (less than 1-2% of America ever did) and yet here we are made to feel guilty or burdened by leftist progressives for other groups that seem to have a hard time getting here or coexisting. Look, there has been no easier time in HISTORY, to move about, be welcomed in America and feel safe here. None. No other time period. Anyone trying to elude otherwise has an agenda, and is spreading a false narrative. America is safer than the majority of South American nations, majority of African Nations, Majority of Middle Easter nations, when those people come here they are SAFE. When western, Christian Europeans of White ethnicity travel to some of the previous mentioned regions, they are victimized by puppet governments, police, and local nationals hostile to the West. I hate hypocrisy and I hate liars.

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