Mass immigration and its risks

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The biggest problem with mass immigration is not native unemployment, an overburdened welfare system, crime, terror or a loss of social cohesion but value drift.

Value drift is the alteration or replacement of a set of values by or with another set of values. For any rational agent this equals death since a stable set of values is the only reliable anchor of self-identity and a necessary prerequisite for time-consistent decision making and cooperation.

In the case of immigration value drift can happen on a societal level. And it can happen too slowly for it to be noticeable for anyone but an astute observer. But should we care about this? Should we be worried about this? Or is self-preservation only important for individuals?

I believe that the fact that virtually every community below the level of a nation state, whether it be schools or golf clubs, select their members according to certain criteria and demand them to follow a rules of conduct shows that people are interested in the preservation of values above the level of the individual.

Many people deny that this is even a problem. They argue that immigrants will integrate, i.e. accept and adopt the values of their host-society. But if they really believed this, why are they so worried about “Nazis” undermining the liberal order of their societies? Why wouldn’t they integrate as well?

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I think 'value drift' is more likely to be a problem of rapid mass migration from a particular culture. If migration is gradual from multiple cultures, we should see more assimilation and integration simply because they have to fit in to be able exist in a community.

If there is a mass influx, these groups can form their own communities and not integrate. Eventually this minority group could become the majority. Current practices of 'democracy' could make things difficult for the previous majority.

Another problem is that people migrate because of push factors and not pull factors. This means they are escaping something else and not going somewhere to be part of that something. This is also likely to hinder any integration.

It was just a matter of time until conservative Islam collides with the left. The question is if the left will stop belittleing things like islamization and stop pandering to Muslims by spreading islamic propaganda? To be honest I don´t think so. When forced to decide to stand with lgbt people or with Muslims they will chose the Muslims. The left´s anti-white, anti-christian narrative has become so strong in the last years. A gay or lesbian white person is still a white person after all. A white gay was still raised by whites, lived in a white household, was surrounded by whites, doesn´t have to suffer from anti-white stereotypes and therefor has white privilige. At least that´s the logic of the left.