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RE: LMAC #20 - New challenge! [32 STEEM Power in the prize pool]

in #letsmakeacollage5 years ago

🥉Congratulations @borjan, your entry won the third place in LMAC Round #20! 👏👏👏
A power-up of 6 SP will be sent to your account very soon!

Congratulations @borjan, your entry won a 100% upvote in the special category "Shaka's favorite" ! 👏👏👏

Jeee :) great, great day again ... thank you, is great that this cool creative contest exists, it's a great contribution to imagination and fun here, thanks to all who voted, ... so happy that my steempower is growing, it's a great feeling when you upvote something you like and then those little dollar numbers are going up and this gives you the sense of purpose and real influence on the content you support, and there is a lot to support, every day I see so many interesting stuff, creations and ideas that people are doing ... at first look, when I first logged in and in the first days, Steemit didn't look much interesting to me. but now, deeper I dig I see always more treasures ...

Glad to hear that you enjoy your time on Steem. It's great if you can afford to just accumulate your SP. It leverages all your engagement here.

All the best and Steem on!

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