what do you call your steemi lunch goal.

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have you made money today? for some is yes, and for some is no. the reason why for some is yes, is because they have invested more cash and less work , while those that say no, have probably not invested time to do posting, blogging nor commenting. but for the overall of steemit comunity, i dont think we are all making money yet, cos the morning goal i talk about today, has not being executed yet . the awareness i talked about earlier needs to be preached, no one is doing that much, that is why no one is making as much as they would have made. so guys we got to work , dont relent, keep pushing the awareness , spread the gospel. spit the word; even to the the dogs and cats, so that the word steemit will be heard, and after all of these money will pursue us. can i get a withness.


I have not made much money but I've enjoyed the hell out of my time. I've learned a lot about crypto and it's cool as hell when people see my fishing posts and actually enjoy it!

you will make it ,we just have to keep pushing