rugby football and soccer demands the foremost.

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Entertainment affirmative, each sport has it. Trust me

rugby football and soccer demands the foremost.

soccer ranks first (because it solely needs a soccer :) ). If you're additionally thinking of rugby football then, well i suppose it atleast needs a pitch of grass (otherwise players could also be lac severely given the frequency and also the intensity of tackles worn out Rugby).
For soccer, it's international. alternative sports like Baseball, Rugby, etc square measure widespread in West however below par within the East(although some claim to play it). Same goes for Cricket, very fashionable within the East (specially in Indian landmass and Oceania) and vice-versa. Sports like court game, table game, Tennis, Squash are well purported and globally famous however would most likely ne'er be ready to generate the energy given the stadiums they're compete in, that square measure specifically designed for tiny population.

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