Who is Leigha Montigue?

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Who would have guessed that this humble and quiet midwestern new mom would create and build a jewelry business that attracts clients on every continent?

During the early 1990’s she began her professional career designing single family homes for a famous architect. Her talent quickly became noticed and she moved on to design million dollar seed processing plants throughout the United States and then the world.

In 2001, she ambitiously took on the realm of mommyhood and became a new working mom. When her wealthy boss asked her if she planned on having more children and she replied, “Yes” he gave her a quick shove out the door which allowed her to begin a new creative journey as a stay-at-home-mommy.

She made her first Mother Bracelet in 2001. When local friends and family began requesting her personalized jewelry she combined her design and marketing skills and created her first jewelry line on the www.DesignsByLeigha.com website and her new business quickly went global.

Leigha is a hands on designer and loves to take on special projects which has allowed her to create additional lines, and websites, including Christian Jewelry, Hebrew Jewelry, Energy Jewelry and so much more. If you are in need of a unique piece for yourself or someone you love she is ready to take on your special project! leigha montigue.jpg

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