Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Lego Worlds - The Castle' (Part #448)

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'Lego Worlds - The Castle'


A castle right from dreams. Imagination is one of the most beautiful tools we have. It feeds the power of creation and makes us creative. What is a human being without creativity? I also admire patience. This castle made of tens of thousands of little blocks is an awesome example of both.

Inner yard with flowers surrounded by tall towers!

Closer look.

Outer walls.

A view from the rooftops.

The king on a secret dark passageway.

Enjoy your day! :)

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Noo, this is a job, who did it should have spent weeks on that. I admire the patience, dedication and creativity of that person, it really takes a lot to put together that castle of lay people, and that is so perfect and beautiful, wow, really amazing, @velimir.

Wow, that's really amazing. An extraodinary work, you see the dedication, patience and creativity, is what the human being needs to do something like that. I love the lagos, I enjoy recreating for a while putting together some of my children there, but nothing compared to that beautiful castle that you show us, @velimir. Excellent and worthy of admiration. My respects for who put this together, really.

It is true: with creativity and patience, the human being is invincible! This castle is proof of that. If we are capable of imagining it, we are capable of doing so. The photos capture very well the details and the work invested to make this wonder. With Lego it happens that I realize not only how didactic it can be, but that it can be liked by young and old! Good Tuesday.

Very wonderful photography,Very impressive clicks,Flowers and tall towers looks so beautiful, The walls also looks so fabulous,The rooftop looks so amazing,Passageway looks so great,Really such a dream places,I really like these places,Everyone really like logo games,Very wonderful post,thanks for sharing.

Wow thats a great work :) I was a big fan of lego when i was a child and even now if I get a chance to play again :D

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Very lovely ! nicely designed , organised and represented the beauty of art.