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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: 43 defense Dark Link and Champion's cap

Have you ever been the one that just… wished for the Dark Link costume to be upgradeable in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Or, perhaps, you were found of the blue a Champion’s tunic but thought it needed an equally blue sock puppet hat? Well, then, let us dive into Hateno’s dying center.

Blue Cap

Needed: Hero of the Wild set (all 120 shrines completed), Champion’s Tunic
The Green Tunic and green cap have always been an iconic important part of Zelda. However, just as much as a bucket-load of other things, it was chucked out the window. However, Breath of the Wild kept a tiny piece of it.
By completing all 120 Shrines, you may unlock the Hero of the Wild’s set, different in the amiibo sets in the way that it can be dyed. So, take your cap of the wild, and go over to Hyrule’s best—and only—dye shop. I guess all the other shops dyed. Dye the green cap light blue, then slap on the Champion’s Tunic and some Hylian Trousers…
And voila!


As you can see, the color is slightly different when looking at with no shading, but step outside and you should see the color of the blue tunic and blue cap is almost the same. Unless you do see a big difference, this is a great, fun little way to up your defense on tChampion’s Tunic while also melding more of the Green Tunic.

Defense Dark Link

Are you one of those people who hate the fact that the Dark Link costume is not upgradeable? Well, it certainly ain’t fun. However, I offer you an alternative, the higher defense being how much style of tunic-ness you are willing to take away.

There’s very many variations of a possible high-defense Dark Link. The highest you can likely get (and I know it’s disappointing) is probably around 43 defense. But hey, it’s still better than nine, right?

1: Dark Cap, Black Hylian Tunic, Black Hylian trousers.

The trousers with this outfit fit in perfectly. I usually honestly don’t care at all when I’m using a dyed black Hylian Trousers (20 defense) compared to the three defense Dark Trousers. However, the Hylian Tunic is where things get messy.


Too much of Link’s skin is exposed; it looks jarring to switch between the black skin and red eyes to his normal skin color. If this, however, does not bother you, this may be your best choice.

2: Dark Cap, black Zora Armor, black Hylian Trousers.


This set’s greatest strength is that the Zora armor goes all the way to his head, so it doesn’t have the white jarring skin. With the Zora suit, >quote though, there’s a bit more color. However, the problem is, the Zora armor really isn’t a tunic, and, unfortunately, if you want a tunic Dark Link with defense, you’d have to go for the aforementioned Hylian Tunic. Or, of course, just go with 26 defense with the Hylian trousers being the only difference to the original.

3: Dark Cap, Black Rubber Armor, Hylian Trousers

The plus of the Rubber Armor is that it doesn’t have very many other colors other than black, especially if you dye it. However, out of everything we’ve looked at, the Rubber Armor looks the furthest from a tunic. But if that doesn’t bother you, this may be a good choice.


Remember that none of these sets will grant you the night time speed boost, however, and also probably aren’t going to be game changers, as really advanced players who already fight Silver or Gold Lynels... probably aren’t going to get too much use out of this. Even if you’re going to fight Calamity Ganon, I did it with about ten more defense than all of these sets offer. Though… nothin’ some food can’t fix!

Liked it? Please leave a comment leaving your own thoughts and feedback, and also, if you have any other ideas for a Dark Link costume with decently high defense, please leave it in the comments!

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