A Good Leader

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A good leader is one that lives examplary life.
A good leader listen carefully to his/her followers or subordinate has the case maybe.
A good leader is visionary and purposeful.
A good leader acts in the interest of everyone and play down on personal interest.
A good leader sees his/her self has a servant but not a boss.
A good leader leads for others to follow: he does what he/she says and not for only the followers to follow what he/she says and he or she does the contrary.
A good leader is not bias he/ she is sincere, accountable and answerable to his/her people.
A good leader leads sacrificially to satisfy the people.

A good leader does not sit back when challenges arises but takes the bull by the horn to sought out the answer.
Leadership legacy of a good leader never dies, it stands out for others after him/her to follow.

A good leader is not tribalistic, he or she does not hang around nepotism or caught in the sentiment of religious bigotry rather he or she stretches his/her hand wide as a father/mother to all;shows leadership that is for everybody and not to some few.

A good leader is not a sit tight leader,who holds on to power for life. He/she gets into power through the right way and bow out honourably when is leadership tenure is over, the people celebrates and give him/her a name posterity will never forget.

A good leader’s name is written in gold because he/she as impacted and empowered his/her people positively.


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Big Question

My big question now are:
How many of such leaders do we have now in the World
How many of such leaders do we have in Africa
How many of such leaders do we have in Nigeria

How many of such leaders do we have in the different states of the Federation of Nigeria
How many of such leaders do have in the different third Thier of government all over Nigeria.

For any country to prosper it is all about the leadership of that country and for any country to be poor it’s all about leadership. This might be a bitter pill to swallow but it is the pure truth especially for us in Africa, we have leaders who have no business sitting in the corridor of power.
Is it possible to have good leaderleaders
The answer is a big YES
Can you be a good leader
The answer is a big YES
So go make explore and Impact your generation in your own little way.
BIG LOVE❤️💚❤️💓

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