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Natural Law is completely in sync with liberty-- the two are bound together and can not be pulled apart without destroying everything.

Through experience, over long periods of time, humans discovered Natural Law, which illustrated how to live among others. Society grew as these rules were discovered, and eventually this led to civilization growing from society.

Then some "genius" came along and decided it would be a good idea to write down the Law somewhere so it could be read and referred to. Which wouldn't have been too disastrous, if they had stopped there. But...

This motivated even worse idiots to write down their flawed opinions and call it "law", also. Trying to steal legitimacy for their dreamed up "laws" from the Law which had been discovered.

Unfortunately, none of these new opinions were based on anything but opinion, and were harmful to society. The more of these harmful opinions that were added and called "laws", the more damaged society became. Civilization won't survive if the tide isn't turned. Counterfeit "laws" must be tossed aside. Every single one of them. The sooner, the better.


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Counterfeit "laws" must be tossed aside. Every single one of them. The sooner, the better.

Yup, the only problem is that some are hell bent on enforcing them, because otherwise these laws wouldn't matter, they would be "kooky things some people claim", it's the minions who unquestionably utter "I don't make the laws" as they enforce them that are the only problem.

Yep. This is why cops are Public Enemy Number 1.

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