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If a law is such that you have to look it up to see what it says; to see what it says you are allowed to do (or prohibited from doing), it's not a real law.

If it is written so that you need a lawyer to interpret it for you after you look it up, to tell you if something is "legal" or not, that "law" is even worse. In fact, it's an even clearer sign that the "law" is counterfeit.

The mere existence of lawyers is irrefutable evidence that the majority of "laws" are counterfeit.

Of course, who do you think writes those counterfeit "laws" to give themselves "job security"? Quite a racket, if you can keep getting away with it.


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Lawyers. They sicken me almost as much as cops.

Of course, who do you think writes those counterfeit "laws" to give themselves "job security"?

Big-pharma, mega-banks, "defense" contractors, Wall Street, Tesla motors, Google, Amazon, the energy industry, etc, and it's not job security they're after, it's called a monopoly or "protection" from competition.

Lawyers employed by those write the legislation. And monopoly is "job protection". It protects them from market forces that would affect them in the case of a free market.

It's easy to find a bunch of flies buzzing around a steaming pile of shit.

It wasn't the flies who dropped it there.

It's also not CEOs who write "laws". They hire lawyers to write the "laws" they want- it's still lawyers writing the "laws" imposed on people.

And if the CEOs & CFOs & COOs & CTOs didn't have lawyers, they'd have their secretaries write laws (it's mostly the "administrative assistants" that do all the work anyway, the attorneys review it, mark it up and hand it back to be "corrected" before they sign it and take the credit).

There are good lawyers and bad lawyers, just like any other kind of whore.

Yes, good lawyers are those who never advocated a "law" and try to defend people from the "laws" that already exist. But those who write "laws" (or take a "law" someone else has written and "review it, mark it up and hand it back") are bad guys.

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