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in lawn •  6 months ago


I like the exercise of mowing my yard but it sue is a pain to have to do. Hopefully in the next year or two I can get myself a battery mower.

I'm a fan of the grow food not lawns movement but it's easier said then done. I do have about 2.5 apple trees growing though and today I planted a peach seed. Hopefully this one grows. If it doesn't maybe I should just buy a peach tree next year. You can see my little apple trees in the pic. They grow very slow. :(

I definitely have plenty of wood for grilling. lol Hopefully next year I can find some nice rocks to finish my fire pit.

I also tried out @delegationhub. Hopefully my order gets filled. It will be a pain keeping track of everything even if I do stop using minnowbooster.

Saturday 8-26

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2.5 apple trees? I like the idea of a garden instead of a yard. It would probably be more work, but at least you get something in return for it. Instead of just mowing grass and getting nothing. ☺️


One is a dwarf since I mowed over it on accident. lol


I guess it was either still small when it happened...or some beer was involved. 😀

I think buying the fruit trees is a good idea. But I don’t know how many years it will be before they bear fruit. I agree the grow food not grass movement makes sense. I think it’s possible to create squares and rectangles to make it attractive like a green lawn is attractive.


I think normally it's like 3-5 years. In my case it might be 5-10 though. lol

I'm not positive but I thought you need to sprout the peach pit before you plant. I may be wrong. Nice little yard. A couple of raised planting boxes may be a good idea to grow your own food and it would be great looking.


I should maybe freeze the pit and plant it in the spring. Not sure.
You don't use @dustsweeper?


I don't know what area you live in but I found this article


I tried it for a bit and then SBD tanked and I forgot about it

Wow that is so cool!!!
So would you like to grow your own food one day?
I really hope your peach three will grow that would be so amazing ! 🍑 😍😋


I am a fan of growing more food and less grass. Hopefully someday I can grow like 1% of my own food. lol
Me too. This is like the 3rd or 4th Peach seed I have planted but the other peaches might not have been northern varieties.

wow what a great image😍

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