ignore at your own peril : Google Wins Fight To Restrict Right-To-Be-Forgotten Ruling To EU Search Engines (article from slashdot)

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Hey look, i'm an American company and the masses will come save me. We think $100 is just $100 and OOoo look, that guy has $100.000 , he could do anything, start up ANYTHING anywhere outside in ANY little dirt poor country, save an actual whale, feed half a city , create labour , do whatever, make 20k on BTC but he's SO impressive b/c he just throws it in the mud !

So 'im trying not to react in most cases ...

and you are ignoring like EVERYTHING that doesnt say yay ... people get dicks up the ass and the next post they're sucking the same thing ...

it's slightly nauseating sometimes ... so i TRY not to react in most cases, but

if you take yourself seriously ... you NEED to consider stuff like this, even if it's happening outside your screenroomwindow, ... (and whatever ...)

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  ·  17 days ago (edited)

yea, i perfectly well understand how my innate sarcasm, which has become my native language is as painful as what people used to do to me, a reflection of the damage caused by past and present things that do surround me. I WANT to see this thing succeed, but i cant help seeing things the way i do. doge has a billion coins and its worth 1/50th of a dollarcent, it makes it useless for anything but fast and cheap transactions or people who have the millions to trade with ... so that's where the delusion of making money WITH steem stopped, a long time ago ... my recurring rant on hyper-inflation and the inward community that is in reality very


small on a global scale ... it's easy, Plato knew all about it, to think the whole world is just what you see

and that said, i seem to have done nothing yet today but peeled potatoes and tweet ... :/

yeayea, id say im sorry but that would be a lie (like probably 90% of the time anyone uses the word since its more of a reflex through conditioning, not a sincere apology .. in most cases imo) , even if it makes me a heretic i simply can not morally justify telling people to bring a friend and some money to save the whale at this point under current conditions since i don't believe in it ... despite that i seem to be sticking around here ... it's gonna be up to projects and entrepreneurs to bring in real money and to make it attractive to both big money and your proverbial masses, which you keep mistaking for the middle classes closer-by ... the big money comes from the little people in bulk, making the numbers interesting to address but the little people have no incentive to just pay to post , i loathe using the word 'little' but in essence its no more or less insulting than plankton to a whale ... so if that's misunderstood in that case i DO apologize (to said little people who would be more honoured referred to as working class heroes ... but a big part of the planet can't get even that high up the ladder)
perception is skewed , ignoring reality does not make it go away

i wonder why i keep at it but it must be a reflex to me, like smiling or saying sorry is to some others ...

... phew ... social time-sinking lol

why not this a post ? why would i ?

its here, you can read it, you can upvote it (you can downvote it bleh ...)