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The “system” out there has to deal with “you” a certain way. Ever wonder why official documents and notifications for your sorry ass always have your name in all capitals (i.e., ALL CAPS)?

There’s a huge difference between somebody who goes by “Ferris James McFucklewit” and paperwork with “FERRIS JAMES MCFUCKLEWIT” all over it. You may not know it, but the latter is a legal / corporate entity.

More specifically, you are something called a Cestui Que Vie (CQV) Trust. That’s how banks, governments and the legal system process YOU.

Take a look at all your financial statements, loans, bills, contracts, and official documents like passport and driver’s license, legal notifications, birth certificate and the like. It ain’t coink-e-dink the name is always in ALL CAPS.

Note that this topic is tied to the last one, TSTDWYTKAD #0005 – Money and Banking. Stuff is all interrelated once you start connecting all the dots.

Here’s a great animated short that sums this up. Now, if you ain’t yet hip to this shit, it’s gonna seem like some silly little cartoon with zero evidence. It's a very well put together summary.

Investigate on your own—information abounds. Bob's just trying to keep things simpler and shorter at the start. However, ain't nobody going to spoonfeed you either.

Here's another background piece with a decent answer in Quora - What is the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666?

Unfortunately, this stuff can get rather complicated once you drill down.

A big part of figuring this all out boils down to knowing how a trust operates, and what the different elements of it are. The system relies on you not knowing who you really are, and what your role in this is. Our gal here explains the basics of a trust in general terms.

Here’s another little backgrounder on the topic of your birth certificate and what it's really all about.

Your birth certificate, by deceit, is a powerful financial instrument, with huge $$$ value. Increasingly, folks in different countries are finding out ways to tap into that and extract value. Do your own digging, and it's something for another time.

Then there is the legal side of things as regards your trust. This cat in Canuckistan clearly knows what’s going on. His brief court appearance is followed in similar vein by a fellow compadre in AmerryKa.

The powerful principles displayed in both instances can be applied in many other jurisdictions. It is so very friggin' important to do your homework and comprehend the detailed mechanics BEFORE trying this shit on your own. The system will try to trick and intimidate you at every turn if you back down or don’t know how to stand your ground.

Covering all of the above and related, this book (free PDF), How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man by Mary Elizabeth: Croft (updated 2008) is most definitely worth a read.

At under 100 pages, the book is a great place to start tucking in on this. It's not 100% gospel, and you will need to do more work thereafter. But it will get you a good way down the path and conversant with many of the concepts in this area. The author's perspective covers both sides of the border between Canuckistan and AmerryKa, and deals with a broad range of the different financial and legal matters at play for we (m)asses who have their curiousity piqued, and are starting to realize that the world we live in don't work the way they teach us.

There is debate about the power and value of becoming a "Sovereign" or "Freeman on the Land". It takes work, and ongoing effort to maintain it. Some screw up along the way, and get into trouble, but its base premise is sound from what Bob can discern thus far. You can start with certain financial elements and bills, and go from there, without attempting to eat the entire enchilada.

Now, does all of this stuff apply equally in all countries in the world? Bob doesn’t know for sure. First, there are differences between country jurisdictions. It would be tough to verify across all languages and countries. One needs to try and dig for oneself in one’s own country to the best one can.

At the least, it seems that all countries in the British Commonwealth (present) / Empire (past) seem to adhere to this doctrine. Further, digging back into much older history and the Vatican (and past claims / decrees), there are good indications it is quite far reaching and going back further in time well before CQV. This would need dealing with separately, as everything covered today is more than enough to digest on a quick initial intro.

Here are a couple of related interactions re matters with the police in the UK and US. Again, it must be reiterated that one really needs to bone up on stuff here on one’s own before attempting this approach.

Today’s post is not all encompassing, nor designed as any sort of legal advice to anyone. It's but a topic taster tidbit, for background information, exposing an area the vast majority are not aware of, and a part of the control system we are subject to. Down the road, Bob may delve into specific areas and angles that branch off.

Everything is about commerce / business / trust law at the end of the day. This includes YOU, and your country / government at different levels, but we will save that connected kettle of fish for another time.

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It's great when a link to a video comes down, because that alludes to it showing something they don't want you to see or know. This is the missing one above which discusses the birth certificate. Here's a new link (6m 43s). As a bonus, it has subtitles in French. Explained in the context of Canada, but just as valid in US and many other countries.