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Edward Snowden leaked the NSA surveillance data in 2013 using Lavabit, this mail service was closed by government order and delivering encryption keys.
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What is it?

  • With Donald Trump at the White House, Internet privacy is a matter of concern for years to come.
  • Lavabit is a recognized mail service as the world's most secure and anonymous mail service.
  • Lavabit returns to provide anonymity in the mail service, for anyone who can pay for their services.
  • Lavabit has just reactivated its accounts and is waiting for new users
  • Plans run at $ 15 a year for 5GB of capacity at $ 30 a year for 20GB of capacity, though from the second year prices will double.
  • You can choose 3 levels of security, although all support end-to-end encryption of messages and even metadata.
  • They will use the Dark Internet Mail (DIME) protocol and the open source mail service Magma, which was already funded at Kickstarter in 2014.
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