Laughter is the best medicine, Let's laugh together.

in laugh •  7 months ago

Hi guys, hope you are doing great. I have a medicine with which,you can heal your pain and suffering.


One's a young man went to the Doctor,
"Hello Doctor, I have been suffering greatly from a problem. "

Doctor, "What happened ?"

Patient, "I don't know doctor, what happened to me, my sleep as if flied from my eyes. "
The doctor had examined the patient and found everything normal. He smiled and said "You have been suffering greatly with sleeping disorder due to the lack "vitamin she ".Haha...

Thanks for reading friends. If you like my post please share it with your friends. Namaste.

Image... Pexabay.

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I agree with your point that best medicine is laughing and it has no expenses.
Ha ha ha ha .....
Lovely post.


Thanks dear for your sweet comments. Good luck.

it's so funny, this life we ​​have a lot of cheerful and feel happy so we are not crazy, and we have to laugh so much that our life is perfect, hope you feel it all, good luck @maya7 yes


Thanks dear.


yes dear, hopefully we can be good friends dear yes

Want to laugh but can not Because laughter will come to mind then I am happy


Thanks, have fun.

Laughter heals all, spreads easily and makes problems disappear! The best!


Thanks dear for your sweet words.

ha ha ha ha ...laugh and let laugh


Thanks for your sweet words.