Why now, why is cryptography becoming so popular now? THE TRUTH

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You might read many articles about how great an awesome Bitcoin is, or how it's not, but why has it gone up so much and so quickly? In a word FEAR!!

Here are the facts on what happened.

On April 7, the world was shocked with an attack from Trump on Syria, it unhinged the population. Everyone that was looking at Trump and had an idea of what he stands for got surprised, they lost trust in those hours with Trump not knowing what to think about him anymore.
Bitcoin: $1180

In U.S. markets; the Dow fell 6.85 points to 20,656.10, the S&P 500 fell 1.95 points to 2,355.54 and the NASDAQ fell 1.14 points to 5,877.81.

On April 10th, markets are undeceive and fearful.

On April 12th, US bond markets are showing signs of crash.

On April 13th, Trump attacks Afghanistan with a MOAB, markets drop!

On April 15th, major news reports about housing bubbles in Canada, reminders pointing to 2008 crash.

On May 1st, Trump attacks the big banks with Glass-Steagall, the market goes nuts

On May 3rd, the US Federal Reserve come out with poor results and promises to raise rates.
On May 3rd, Bitcoin hit new highs at $1516

On May 8th, the secret group called Anonymous warns that people should prepare themselves for WW3.

On May 10th, Bitcoin hit new highs at $1819

On May 14th, North Korea launches a missile that could be considered a success and major threat to Japan. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-39911530

People are looking at options, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin?

On May 15th, the bull is on the run and Bitcoin rises for 8 days to $2445, rising $626 or 34% in 8 days!

Since then Bitcoin has risen to $2870 highs, Gold is up 4.8%, Silver is up 9%.

We buy Bitcoin because it seems to be a better deal than Gold and Silver, we don't understand it or how it works but we know it's better than the stock market because we looking for safety. Let's not complicated the matter here.

It's not to late to get into Bitcoin if you plan to use it in the future, it's not something you want to trade between currencies it's something that replaces currencies.

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