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Congrats to the winner !


10 steem comming soon.

Hey you!
Still time to enter the big contest with the big price! The price is just now 12 Steem and getting higher and higher..

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

10 steem comming soon.
It should be coming instead of comming.


No !!! I want to spelll like this. I love a lot of bots like !pancakes and !popcorn but not you. Do not complain when I do my best! I try! Please go away! I will program a bot with name nogrammarnazi. And he will kill you!!
Do not dear to comming close to me again!

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Thanks for contacting Pancakes Express!

Would you like to order pancakes?

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$0.01+random delicious pancake
$0.05+excellent pancakes suited for a king or queen
$0.25+party pancakes
$1+best pancakes we have ever made
$?it's ninja!

If you would like to order your own pancakes, just make a comment !pancakes anywhere on the blockchain and we will send you a menu.


LoL. Goood responsse.

Oh hell yea!!! Woohooooooooo!!!! 😀👍🏾

Thanks for the reward, @minimining, that's so awesome! I had a lot of fun in this contest, and I still can't believe I won 😆🔥

I look forward to the next one.


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Wow. Congrats on the win!!