Self-portrait: 30 - Is Max Lassescash's first cat-angel?

in #lassesangels3 years ago (edited)

Hello <3

I hope everything's going great for you.

This was a good weekend because I had to do some photoshoots at home. Two women traveled from Ccs to my hometown to have these photos taken. According to what I can appreciate from the raw images of my camera, I think we will have some very good photographs.

Besides this, my cat was the center of attraction once again. I did a portrait of one of them holding him between her arms, and even though the photo ended up shaky because Max was restless, the girl liked the photo very much.

You can see Max on my Spanish lessons videos, posing for photos and several other things. And that's why I thought, What if Max is Lassescash's first cat-angel? I don't know what you think about this. I'd like to read you below in the comments section.

Join us on Discord.

Thank you so much for all the support @altooq

Lots of love,



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Beautiful picture of you, and cute pic of Max! Added to #funnycutecats :)

I think you are a great photographer and I think you both are angels. <3

Aws! Thank you so much <3

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