Wow, this is a very genius promotional program that I found on Steem Platform, which is []. I am from Indonesia, would be very interested to join this Lassecash promotion program. Because I see wherever we are, it is invited to join this promotional program. Though! I don't have power in Lassecash yet, but I will try to buy Lassecash coins in Steem-engin, because I have a little BTC assets that I keep in my wallet, after exchanging for steem, then I will buy these Lassecash coins, for me to make power I'm on the Lassecash Platform. Although I have a little BTC in my wallet, but I will spend it all to get Lassecash coins. Because I see that Lassecash is a very interesting and cool surfing place, with lots of genius programs. Greetings @anwars.


Please not that this promotion program is for attractive woman, you look like a man, as fare as I can see on the small picture... just so you know.

LASSECASH is probably a good investment, we aim at solving the issues steem has, aka no bullies on LASSECASH, so you are welcome to invest in LASSECASH POWER, earn curation and on posting quality posts.

Well, it doesn't matter, apparently this program is for women only. okay not a problem for me. I will invest and post only creative content here. good luck always @lasseehlers. 🤗♨️

Very good Mr. @lasseehlers I will support this promotion, and I am very interested in this very good idea, I will add my steempower again, so that I can support quality posts on the website thanks much Mr. @lasseehlers

This is interesting. Well done

Nicely done Bro:)

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