Unique tips every Las Vegas visitor should know about

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Las Vegas is a dream world, and people from all over the world plan to visit this majestic place where everything is possible. Vegas is known for many things, but gambling, and neon lights are two most important things here. Apart from glamour and various other things, you can also witness lots of people in different costumes and various personalities. When a city has to offer so many good things, there is obviously something shady waiting. Hence, if you are going to for the first time, and if you are worried about anything, then read this post. In this post we are going to discuss some really important things that a visitor should always know before visiting Vegas.

You can gamble at airport too

Not many people know about this, but there are gambling slot machines in departure lounge of Vegas airport. We know that some people are too much into gambling, and sometimes, they can’t wait, and thus, airport gives you the opportunity to get started much earlier. Once you reach Vegas, we understand that you will eventually head towards the best casinos, and have the best time of your life playing your favorite game.

Smoking and drinking is too common

If you are a smoker and a drinker, then Vegas will be like a paradise for you. In most parts of America, smoking in public isn’t legal, and you might be fined for such practices. If you are in Vegas, then you can witness public smoking, and even in casinos, you will see people smoke freely. If you are into smoking, then this place will be too good for you. Moreover, you get free drinks while gambling. The main motto is that people tend to play more if they are drunk, and that’s the reason why casinos offer free drinks. But don’t think that the drink is totally free, because you still have to pay some tips to waiters who will bring your drink. Even if you don’t tip that’s ok, but its better to tip them so that they keep on bringing drinks for you.

Get breakfast whenever you want

Vegas is known for it's amazing nightlife, and that’s the reason most people wander all night, and they rest the whole day in their luxurious hotels. Some people wake up at noon but they always want to start their day with a nice breakfast. If you also have similar feelings, then Vegas is the right place because you can get breakfast 24/7. Just a piece of bacon along with egg omelette will definitely make your day amazing. This is the prime reason why most people can enjoy a nice breakfast whenever they are craving for something like that.

Dressing sense

If you think that you are going to see some really amazing dressed up people, then you are wrong about it. Since the weather of Vegas is quite hot, people often dress up in shorts and t-shirts. There are lots of people who are dressed up casually, and you should also wear something comfortable. But make sure to carry a light jacket because the casinos are running really high quality ACs, and these air conditioners are powerful enough to give you a chill. Hence, we recommend that you carry a jacket with you.

Check out resort fees

Well, to be honest, most people don’t know about resort fees, and that’s the reason why they get duped by many hotels. To start with, resort fees means the fees for towels, water, and other things that you think is complimentary. Most hotels don’t mention that, but when you check out, they will add this. This is also known as hidden fees, and you are going to hate it for sure. There are lots of hotels who promote their prices, and people feel that they are showing the final price, and that’s the reason why most people get fooled. If you really want to pay reasonable then you should check out packages of Vegas Stronger, and get really amazing hotels at wonderful prices.

Best cardio of your life

One thing that will definitely give you trouble is walking. Yeah, you heard us right, Vegas is damn big, and traveling in Vegas requires lots of walking. Vegas strip is one of the major attractions, and there are lots of things you will love to see, but you will have to walk through major attractions. Therefore, we advice you to bring really nice sport shoes, and you should also be mentally prepared to walk a lot. If you aren’t used to walking too much, then you can either choose to hire a cab, but walking is the best option because traffic in Vegas is really draining, and you will love to see this city while walking. Moreover, walking will be like cardio exercise, and it will help you loose some weight too.

You can easily get lost in Vegas

Yeah, we know that Vegas is quite big, but you won’t get lost in streets because the strip and Fremont Street is simply a straight street with lots of hotels and casinos on the either side. The real struggle starts when you enter these huge casinos. These casinos are build so damn big, that everybody once in a while forgets about the entry and exit. You will definitely have to think twice before you make a decision. It will take some time to find your way, but at last, you are going to make it for sure.

Vegas temperature is quite confusing

Everybody knows that Vegas is close to desert, and that’s the reason why the temperature here is so damn high. During day, you will feel really hot, and hence, people always carry water with them, because you are going to feel dehydrated within an hour. But the temperature of Vegas changes once you come here during the winters. The temperature of Sin City goes below freezing point and you will also notice some snow during early mornings. This is the beauty of Vegas, and you should visit it during both seasons. Vegas is an amazing place, and confusing temperatures will surprise you for sure.

Get over gambling

Most people often think that Vegas is all about entertainment like gambling, and night clubs, but in reality there is so much more to explore. If you are planning a week long vacation, then there are various day trips near Vegas that will provide you the option to explore the natural beauty of Nevada. For example, you can book a helicopter tour of Grand Canyon or you can see the beauty of Death Valley. If you are into beautiful architecture, then Hoover Dam should be on your list. Moreover, Lake Tahoe is also quite close to Vegas, and there are lots of resorts where you can stay for a day or two, and get the much needed relaxation. Once you explore these places, we bet that you will definitely visit Vegas in future.

Be prepared to see some rush

Vegas is crowded and there is no doubt in that because lots of people come here to explore and enjoy. If you aren’t into crowded places, then you shouldn’t choose it, but if you love crowd, then this place will definitely win your heart. The crowd here definitely make your day amazing, and we guarantee that you are going to have the best time of your life. The traffic of this city will definitely test your patience, because during peak hours, it can take around 30-40 minutes if you want to go from one side to other. Moreover, finding a cab during peak hours can be quite troublesome. You can hire a personal car, but that will cost you money.

Don’t say that you are new here

You must not say anybody that this is your first time because there are lots of people who might dupe you. For example, when you will get in a cab, then the cabbie will definitely ask you if this is your first time, and if you say yes, then you might have to pay extra bill. Most cab drivers are quite smart, and they will always choose the longest route so that you will have to pay more. Hence, we would suggest that you never ever tell anybody that you are coming for the first time. Even at hotels, you shouldn’t mention this. Just stay normal and act if you have been here before. This will make sure that you aren’t in the radar of scammers.

These are some of the most important tips to know before you head towards Vegas. Whatever date you choose, just make sure that you are staying for at least 3-5 days because Vegas is not just for short trip. If this is your first time, then you should stay at least for an entire week, and explore all the attractions this place has to offer. So, stop worrying and pack your bags right now.


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