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As my financial situation continues to sway back and forth, getting tighter each time, to avoid going into debt, I’ve resolved to teach online. At first I tried an interview with a company which finds children studying english online. I just did a demo...they want me to talk like Barney the purple dinosaur. “HELLO! WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?” Not my style!

I have a nice job waiting for me in April but I’m not going to torture myself until then. I realize “beggars can’t be choosers”, but I have a lot to offer, so I refuse to be a beggar.

teacher pineapple

I realized I have enough resources to find a few good students if I actively search, I’ll only need 10 students a week to be able to come back from the abyss of using credit card to survive. I do not want to paint myself as desperate but I believe I’m being honest and not putting on airs, and this is where I’m at now. Many of you know me well enough to know I am firm in my convictions and do right by others.

I am actually very confident as a teacher especially teaching language and especially one on one. I use conversation to pinpoint your weakness, fix the problem and then continue speaking for practice. This is absolutely the fastest way to learn if you take it seriously, just continuously speaking but with certain grammar that you want to learn in mind, a grammar focus. If you really put the effort in, you can become fully conversational in just 3 months like this. I will be there to guide you each step of the way.

I will help you with study methods and even listen to your problems if you need ;-)

I used to want to do this pay-what-you-want, but I’m not in a position to be so free right now. I will set the price at $22 USD. If you are really strapped for cash we can bargain a bit, but I guarantee $22 is quite low for the service I provide. My students learn faster than other students.

So beginner students of English, Japanese, or Mandarin, please contact me! :-) Feel free to ask questions about the details if you are interested.

I prefer STEEM or any other crypto in the Exodus Wallet (BTC, LTC,ETH,XRP,OMG,BAT, etc.). I can also accept pay pal or we chat though not preferred.
Classes can be on skype or discord.

Please resteem if you can, and tell any non-steemians friends or family who may be looking for a teacher!
Thank you!

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Me i want to learn japanish language but i don't have $22 now i save a will muna


I understand. Where do you live? If you have a friend or family member who wants to study too maybe you can come study together.

I would like to get back into learning Mandarin, and would be happy to support your work. I'm going on Holiday for the next few weeks - when I get back then I would like to sign on


Awesome, lets get in touch on discord. I'd like to catch up with you too!

Good luck with this @whatamidoing. I hope you find the students you desire. 😍

If I weren't already improving my 5th language ( Portuguese ) which is going pretty alright, by now, I would definitely come to you, for Japanese or Mandarine. No matter what, I will keep this offer in mind.

I hope you find your students here. I bet you're an awesome teacher!

O Captain my Captain...


P.S. I remember one day, stepping onto the tables in my classroom, talking about Dead Poets Society. I should definitely give that movie another watch one day soon :>)