Swahili Lesson 5

in language •  last month

Its been a while since I have done my Swahili lessons and I feel bad about it, as I was really enjoying the daily routine, so let's get back to it


In today's lesson we will be learning to make apologies, something very important and that I have been doing a lot of these days hehehe.

We will be using the word "Sahamani" (Excuse me) in formal situations, here are two situations:

Sahamani, naweza agiza kikombe cha kahawa?

Excuse me, could I order a cup of coffee?

Sahamani, Mombasa iko wapi?

Excuse me, where is Mombasa?

As you can see above you can use "Sahamani" to ask a question or to make an apology, furthermore it could also just be used to get someones attention.

To give a proper apology you might want to use the phrase: "Niwie Radhi" - "Pardon Me" however in more cusual settings "Sahamani" will be your best option.

Seeing as I will be going to Italy after Zanzibar I will also be getting back to my Italian, I have started learning Italian years ago but I have forgotten most of it so that will also be fun getting back to. Learning two languages at once might not be the best idea but I think it will be fine :)

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