Some more Cheat Sheets For Swahili

in language •  2 months ago

Day two of Swahili Lessons

I found this little cheat sheet with some extra words:


However, in this article where I found the photo they use the word Habari in this format:
   How are you? = habari gani

I learned that Habari means hello, so this has me somewhat confused????

I persit though, I have noticed the word "Habari" could have multiple meanings and so for now I will let it slide and continue my lesson for the day:

Todays lesson is about manners, here is what I learned:

How to say thank you: "Asante", to say thank you very much you just add "sana".

Asante sana - Thank you very much.

Then to reply to thank you is simple "Karibu", which means you're welcome. Alternatively you can also say "Kamwe", which means "don't mention it" (No thanks needed).

In the last bit of the video she also says: do you know what Habari means so I think I will be releaved of my misconceptions tomorrow!!!!

Kwa heri!!!!

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