Pandunia, another constructed language

in language •  2 years ago 

Today I've learned that there's a constructed language named Pandunia. I'll try to understand something better and maybe during the vacations I'll give a try and learn a little about. Now I only know the website I suppouse is the main one ( ) and that a esperantisto that I follow on twitter uses that too (today I have seen also that this user is also here). Is a language containing elements from almost all the languages of the world so I figurefor the major oart of humans can be easyer than esperanto or catalan or some other languages.

If you know something more about I'll ve happy to learn from you! Cheers!

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wow, Do you like Pandunia? I love pandunia, You can read my article about pandunia in my Steemit blog.
Esperanto article about Pandunia:
English article about Pandunia:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the posts, I'll read soon. By now, pandunia is an interest beacause I have not started to study. I'm going to start next week while on holidays.

Saluton ;)

Pandunia vere estas mirinda lingvo. Lerni ĝiajn vortojn jam estas tre utile por lerni oftajn vortojn de la mondo.

Jes, mi komencos hodiaŭ nokto!